Christian Tools In Microsoft Word

Apart from the save button [though it would be more Biblical for it to be on the right instead of the left (Matt. 25:33)], the next biggest Christian tool in Microsoft Word has to do with the text alignment. Yes, I am referring to the “Justify” tab – which, within the alignment tabs, is the furthest one on the right.

Why is this such a big deal? Because it is the only button in the entire program that is both “declared to be right” and has the power to declare something right. Now, obviously this is satire [or is it?] but let me explain further.

First, how can you disagree with a name like Justified? That would be like disagreeing with the doctrine itself.

Next, it looks nicer. Check out my incredibly fun Bunny Bread example below:

Third, as is seen in the picture below, many printed Bibles today align their text this way. Also, many scribes tried their best to copy justified manuscripts.

Finally, you will not find “align left” in the Bible. If anything, you definitely want to “align right” (Matt. 25:33). However, you will find the word “justify” all over the place!

If you read this entire post, I offer my condolences.

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