Why Are Bad Things Bad?

Have you ever asked yourself why some things are wrong, and others are not? For example:

  1. Why is murder wrong?
  2. Why is sexual immorality wrong?
  3. Why is stealing wrong?
  4. Why is lying wrong?
  5. Why is hatred wrong?
  6. Why is divorce wrong?
  7. Why is idolatry wrong?
  8. Why is favoritism wrong?
  9. Why is sinning wrong?
  10. Why are other religions wrong?

If someone were to ask you any one of those questions, what would you say? Though it is easy to respond with many clear and correct statements, the Christian must firmly keep in mind the only response which is the foundation for all other answers: The Bible says so.

I know that may sound cliché, but the Word of God is the platform on which all logical conclusions find their resting place. It is the only structure that remains intact and unchanged throughout all cultures, languages, and generations. And the reason it all falls back on the Scriptures is because all other answers, though good, are simply dependent upon an ever-changing cultural mindset.

Cultures change and people are influenced by so many things, but the Word of God forever remains the same.

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