Doctrinal Statement

I believe in both the accuracy and authority of the Scriptures. Therefore, I hold to the fact that there is one Trinitarian God who created the entire universe by the word of His mouth. He allowed mankind to make a conscious choice regarding their relationship with Him and, immediately after man rebelled, God came to the rescue.

Throughout history, God has determined to create for Himself a people who willingly make a conscious decision to love Him above all else. However, no amount of love on our part could bring us back into right-standing with God. Therefore, God sent His Eternal Son to become a man, live a perfect life in complete obedience to the Law and dependence upon the Spirit, die the death that we all deserved, and ultimately to rise again from the grave revealing that He is victorious over sin and death. Now, as a result of Christ’s sacrifice, He extends this same victory over both sin and death to all who simply believe in Him and in what He has done on our behalf.

Finally, though Christians may suffer physical death in this life, all genuine believers will be resurrected on the great and glorious day of His second coming. It is at that moment when all Christians will be gathered together and forever be with the Lord completely removed from sin and its gravest consequences.