Est. 7:3

Esther 7:3 Then Queen Esther answered, “If I have found favor in your sight, O king, and if it please the king, let my life be granted me for my wish, and my people for my request.

It is relatively easy to imagine a look of confusion on both of their faces [the king and Haman], at least at first, but it wasn’t too much longer before Haman would discern that she was referring to him and his evil plan. Nevertheless, take note of Esther’s response. It is one of both honor and submission. She used the word “if” twice in this verse:

  1. If I have found favor in your sight, O king….
  2. If it please the king….

Esther understood who she was talking to and what she was requesting. Yes, he was her husband, but he was also the king of this world empire and in charge of governing all the nations. Thus, she exemplified full submission to his decree by lowering herself before him [i.e.if I have found favor…if it please the king….”] and she honored his authority by stating his position [i.e.O kingthe king….”].

What did Queen Esther ask of the king? She asked him to save her life and the lives of her people. Again, Israel did not even come close to comprising half of the Persian empire. So, the request Esther was bringing was much less valuable than the king’s offer but much more treasured to the king’s heart.

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