Esther 5

Narrative Outline:

  1. Esther Appealed Humbly to the King (5:1-4).
  2. Ahasuerus Agreed to Attend Esther’s Feast (5:5-8).
  3. Haman Arrogantly Boasted of His Accomplishments (5:9-14).


Chapter five describes the day Queen Esther went into the throne room to see the king. Though she did this completely unannounced and uninvited, Esther knew that this was a do-or-die moment. She would either lose her life now or she would lose her life later – the choice was hers.

However, since there was no way of knowing for sure how the king would react upon seeing her in his presence, Esther must have been feeling rather anxious up to this point. Yet, as soon as the king laid eyes on her, he raised his golden scepter in her direction which meant that she gained free access to boldly approach the throne. And, after drawing near and touching the scepter, Esther invited both the king and Haman to a feast she had prepared.

Then, after the meal, when they were all drinking wine and making small talk, the king asked Esther what she wanted. However, for whatever reason, she decided that the time was not right and ended up inviting them both to another feast the next day promising that she would make her request then. All of this made Haman feel super important.

After the dinner party, as Haman was joyfully heading home, he passed through the king’s gate and saw that Mordecai still refused to fear him. And, though this made Haman upset, when he arrived at his house, he invited his friends over to brag to them about all the wonderful privileges and promotions he held. However, while boasting of his accomplishments, Haman also complained about Mordecai – and this led his guests to suggest he have the gallows built to hang this Jew. Thus, Haman had it done that very night.

Spiritual Truth

There is a clear parallel in this chapter between the girl Esther and the Lord Jesus. On the third day, after a great time of mourning, both Jewish deliverers removed their old clothes and exchanged them for their royal robes. They then presented themselves openly, defeated death, and gained free access before the highest authority which resulted in the salvation of God’s people.

Sermon Title & Outline:

Access Granted

  1. Acceptance Was Granted by The King (5:1-4).
  2. Allowance Was Granted by The King (5:5-8).
  3. Advancement Was Granted by The King (5:9-14).

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