Esther 7

Narrative Outline:

  1. Wicked Haman was Confronted by the Queen (7:1-6).
  2. King Ahasuerus was Consumed in His Wrath (7:7-8).
  3. The Servants then Carried Out Haman’s Death (7:9-10).


Chapter seven is a record of only one event – Queen Esther’s second feast. These ten verses present the reader with a very short description of the last few minutes of a possible hour-or-two dinner party as well as the final moments of Haman’s life. It was here that, while casually drinking after the meal, the king had once again asked Esther what was on her mind. And her response led to Haman’s further humiliation and ultimate execution.

After laying out her case and confronting Haman, the king stood up in a furious fit of rage and stormed out of the area and into the palace garden. However, upon returning, the king saw Haman on the couch with his wife and had his men grab him and cover his face. Then, to the king’s surprise, one of the eunuchs informed him of the gallows that Haman had made less than twenty-four hours prior in order to murder Mordecai. Thus, the king commanded them to hang Haman on his own personal execution device.

How is that for irony!

Sermon Title & Outline:

Exposing Evil, Guarding Good

  1. Wicked Plots Will Be Revealed (7:1-6).
  2. Wicked People Will Be Exposed (7:7-8).
  3. Wicked Preparations Will Be Rebounded (7:9-10).

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