Esther 8

Narrative Outline:

  1. Esther Asked the King to Withdraw Haman’s Order (8:1-8).
  2. Mordecai Summoned the Scribes to Write Another Edict (8:9-14).
  3. Rejoicing Traveled Throughout Persia to Wherever Jews Lived (8:15-17).


Chapter eight is a description of the events that took place after Haman was taken to the gallows. The most likely scenario is that, as soon as the eunuchs took him away, the king would have wanted Queen Esther to spill the beans and tell him everything about herself and what she knew of this plot. This would have been the perfect opportunity to divulge both her nationality and relationship to Mordecai.

Then, that same day, Esther had Mordecai come before the king in his throne room. And as soon as the king lifted his golden scepter in Esther’s direction, she drew near to her husband and requested that he revoke the edict which Haman had both written and sent out to all the provinces. However, the solution was not as simple as one would think because any decree bearing the king’s seal could not be broken (8:8).

Thus, the king ended up giving his signet ring to Mordecai and permitted him to command the scribes to author another edict – one that would allow the Jewish people to defend themselves against those who would seek to do them harm. As a result, Jews throughout the Persian empire rejoiced over what had been decreed and many others even claimed to be Jewish out of fear. So, what is seen in this chapter is the fact that deliverance did indeed rise for God’s people (4:14) and Mordecai received everything Haman always wanted (cf. 6:6-9).

Sermon Title & Outline:

The King’s Authority

  1. Lives Are Impacted by The Words We Speak (8:1-8).
  2. People Are Influenced by The Actions We Take (8:9-14).
  3. Changes Are Inspired by The Character We Hold (8:15-17).

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