Job 1

Narrative Outline

  1. Job’s Life Before His Calamity Came About (1:1-5).
  2. The LORD Offered His Consideration to Satan (1:6-12).
  3. Job’s Response Was to Consecrate God’s Name (1:13-22).


The book begins by describing this man named Job as a man who was incredibly blessed both spiritually and physically. From a human perspective, he was the greatest man in all the east. From a heavenly perspective, there was none like him in all the world. This man had it all – a beautiful wife, a lot of kids, land, animals, and even servants. He was the successful owner of his own business and had very many people working for him. That is, until the day when an adversary came and accused him of evil.

Satan came before the presence of the LORD one day and charged Job with selfishness. The accuser’s claim was that Job only served God because God paid him to do so. Thus, Satan, in an attempt to both ruin Job and discredit God, challenged the LORD to remove all that Job had been given up to this point in life, and God consented. The LORD permitted this adversary to strip away all that Job had. The only caveat was that Satan was not allowed to touch Job physically.

Now, when the day finally came and Satan saw his opportunity, he ripped everything out of Job’s hands. He raised up marauders from other people groups and sent them into the fields to steal all of his oxen, donkeys, and camels and to kill every one of his servants in the vicinity. He sent lightning from heaven to burn up all the sheep along with their shepherds. He hurled a great windstorm to strike down the place where Job’s sons and daughters were gathered. Satan did all of these things hoping that Job would curse the LORD, but instead Job responded by blessing the Name of the LORD.

Sermon Title & Outline

Blessing, Testing, and Spiritual Arresting

  1. Job’s Character Was Consistently Right (1:1-5).
  2. Satan Charged Job with Wrong (1:6-12).
  3. Job’s Curse Never Did Come (1:13-22).

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