Five Resolutions to Govern My Life:

Resolved, that God’s Word will remain the final authority on all subjects pertaining to what I say, think and do. That I will never elevate subjective feelings or people’s perceptions above the written Truth of Scripture. That His revealed Word will guide and direct the course and outcome of my life.

Resolved, that I will live my life to make Him famous. That I will function in my God-given strengths to the praise of His name and that I will do everything I can to make a lasting impact on the lives of everyone I meet.

Resolved, that, as far as I am able, I will both study and teach through all of God’s Word for the benefit of His people. That I will never avoid Scripture passages for any reason and that I will continue to pray for knowledge and wisdom far beyond my years.

Resolved, that I will love my wife in the exact way that Christ loves His Church. If there is any one man in all the earth who most reflects the Lord, let me be this man.

Resolved, that, no matter the circumstance, I will never deny Christ. If I am to be martyred, then God’s will be done. I will not seek this route on my own accord, nor will I dismiss an opportunity of escape if a door is open, but I will by no means seek to save this body by sacrificing His.