Titus 1


Chapter one is almost entirely about leaders in the church. From Paul as the Apostle, Titus as the man Paul had sent to set things in order, and to every person that had been functioning in pastoral leadership throughout the island. It is here that we are given a list of qualifications for the office of overseer [i.e. pastor]. For your reference, the other list is found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

The situation that Paul had to address was dire. All the churches throughout Crete had plenty of people in leadership roles, but few individuals who were actually fit for that task. Thus, he wrote to Titus and urged him to rebuke and silence those who contradicted sound doctrine because of the harm that they were causing. Apparently, there were many Jewish men that had come into either leadership roles or, at the very least, significant positions of influence and were stirring up a great deal of confusion and corruption within the churches (cf. 1:10, 14, 16; 3:9).

However, the problem was not Jewish; the problem was sin and the trouble that was being caused was due to both Jews and Cretans (1:10-14). There were men in both groups who were claiming to be children of God but were living as if they were children of Hell (1:16). Thus, Paul exhorted Titus to quickly gain control of the situation and put these men in their proper place.

Sermon Title & Outline:

Godly Leadership

  1. Godly Leaders Serve Because Of Election (1:1-4).
  2. Godly Leaders Lead By Their Example (1:5-9).
  3. Godly Leaders Confront What Is Evil (1:10-16).

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