This is a short letter by the Apostle Paul that he wrote to his protégé, Titus, whom he had left on the island of Crete to straighten out the churches. Due to the fact that there is no Biblical record of the Apostle Paul going to Crete with Titus, many Bible commentators believe that both this journey and the writing of this letter took place at some point after the conclusion of the book of Acts. If this is true, then this epistle would have been written sometime in the early-to-mid 60’s A.D.

The situation that Paul addressed in this book was dire. Paul was informed that the churches that were spread across the island had plenty of people in leadership roles, but few individuals who were actually fit for that task. Thus, he wrote to Titus and urged him to rebuke and silence those who contradict sound doctrine because of the harm that they were causing.

In chapter one, he gave a list of various qualifications for those in pastoral leadership. In chapter two, he addressed the faithfulness of the members and discussed the roles that other Christians should play within the Body. And right in the center of the book, the Apostle Paul reminded Titus of the reason we are to live godly lives in Christ Jesus. Finally, in chapter three, continuing his thought on the grace of God, Paul differentiated the way of God from the way of the world.

The format of the book, as well as the submission of the Church, is basically meant to act like a building: everything you see at first and benefit from ultimately has its foundation in both the person and work of the Lord Jesus – which is clearly seen at the end.

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